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The Southern TimberCraft Building System

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Mountain Stream Log Homes is pleased to offer the Southern TimberCraft building system to our residential and commercial customers.


A Southern TimberCraft home blends Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) with decorative wood components to build a home with charm, strength and incredible energy efficiency.

Mountain Stream, as an Independent Dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes, provides custom timber frame packages, including wood components and Structural Insulated Panels.

A Southern TimberCraft structure, whether residential or commercial, can be created from any plan. Bring your own or use one of yours, and we will customize it to your exact needs.

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Any Floor Plan Can Become a Timber Frame

Mountain Stream Log and Timber Frame Homes recognizes the popularity of homes that may not be constructed using full log or timber frame systems but desire the look and feel they offer. For this reason, our manufacturer, Honest Abe Log homes, developed our Southern TimberCraft line of homes. These homes incorporate many of the same timber elements that may be found in both log and timber frame homes. However, they utilize Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the exterior walls or building envelope. The Southern TimberCraft system is ideal for commercial projects for professional offices, lodging, shopping, clubhouses and more.

What is a SIP and how does it work?

A SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is an engineered product used to form structural wall or roof components in residential or commercial applications and is used in place of conventionally “stick framed” construction.

A SIP is generally a structural inner and outer layer with a foam insulation in between that is “fused” together to provide not only the structure of the wall/roof but also provide superior insulating qualities. SIP products have been around for many years and are recognized building code compliant.

That being said, what is an Eco-Panel specifically?

Eco-Panels are the next evolution in SIP panels – they are safer, stronger, and more environmentally-friendly. At Eco-Panels we go beyond the standard SIP product and create a better system to build a better house. Our 4.5″ thick panels provide R-26, and 6.5″ wall and roof panels are R-40.

Eco-Panels have benefits beyond what most SIPs offer. To list a few:

  • Pre-assembled for quality control in our factory
  • Greater energy efficiency (R-Value) in a thinner panel. 4.5″ @ R-26 and 6.5″ @ R-40
  • Patented single piece corners are solid and stronger
  • Our polyfoam is the gold standard in the industry
  • Choice of products provide finished or unfinished exteriors
  • Cam lock joinery
  • No need for an expensive crane

We make and assemble our panels at our Tennessee location but can ship to anywhere in the world. Contact us if you have interest in our product, no matter where you are located. 

Building an Eco-Panels home will only add 1-2% to your upfront costs, but you will see a return on investment within 5 years. You will save money on the construction of your home due to less waste, lower labor costs, and having a smaller heat and air system. Along with that, most customers save 50% or more on energy costs and maintain a higher home value.


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What does SIP have to do with a Mountain Stream Timber Frame, Log or Hybrid home?

A SIP is basically a sheet of OSB or plywood, a thickness of rigid foam insulation and a second sheet of OSB to create a “sandwich.”Your log, timber or hybrid home can employ SIP construction, and we will supply the panels, custom manufactured right, in your package, delivered with your other building materials.

Your home or commercial building design can incorporate components of wood, stone, metal, stucco, siding and more. The opportunities for innovative and beautiful – not to mention extremely energy-efficient –  design are endless. Ask us about these options!

Not only can you create a one-of-a-kind custom home, it will be the strongest and most energy-efficient home in the neighborhood. Its efficiency will save you money on your utility bills each and every month, giving you a real return on investment.

We are proud to offer our Southern TimberCraft designs and styles of homes that offer the highest quality SIPs available on the market. These panels are manufactured by Honest Abe’s sister company just down the road from the Honest Abe national headquarters in Moss, Tennessee.

Structural Insulated Panels





Cleaner, Greener, Safer 

Strong & Safe

2-3 times stronger than typical framing. No VOCs and our foam doesn’t melt at any temperature.


Less waste, long-term energy savings and altogether better for the environment.


Fast & Easy
Our panels are made specifically for your project, inspected at our plant and shipped to your site ready for assembly.

Take a Look at Two New Plans Developed Excusively for Southern TimberCraft


Mountain Grove

Mountain Grove Rendering


Square Feet: 1,528
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2

Single story, open concept living room, kitchen, dining and foyer with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Master bedroom is designed to have a tray ceiling with decorative beams, along with a walk in closet off of the master bathroom. Decorative beams can be arranged throughout the living areas based on customer’s design choices.


Mountain Grove Floorplan

Laurel Bluff

Mountain Grove Rendering


Square Feet: 2,883 1st Floor / 814 Garage / 457 bonus / 359 Play Loft
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2 1/2

Two story, open concept living room, kitchen, dining and foyer with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Kitchen is connected to a sizable working pantry and mud room leading to the garage.  Secondary bedrooms each have walk-in closets and access to a play loft above. Decorative beams can be arranged throughout the living areas based on customer’s design choices. Spacious outdoor living area is provided by covered porches on both the front and rear of the home.


Laurel Bluff First Floorplan
Laurel Bluff Second Floorplan

Why choose a timber frame commercial or home project?

Mountain Stream Log & Timber Homes through its manufacturer Honest Abe Log Homes offers Timber Frame design, manufacturing and construction. A Timber Frame Home allows for exposed timbers on the interior and the choice of conventional siding, brick, stone or logs on the exterior. For those with a desire for the richness of wood components, our Timber Frames have become a popular choice whether they are located in a busy metropolitan setting, a peaceful suburb, overlooking mountains or water or on a rolling country landscape.

Ask Darin \ about Timber Frame/Log Hybrids or traditional stick built homes with Timber Frame architectural details or a heavy timber roof system!

Honest Abe uses timeless construction methods to create a framework of 8”x 8” Douglas fir vertical posts and horizontal beams. This “superstructure” is left exposed on the interior, while insulated wall panels sheath the exterior. Our Timber Frame System offers old-world country charm with superb flexibility to add color or decorative style to the interior. The attention to detail can be recognized through the quality of the craftsmanship developed in Honest Abe’s 38 years of manufacturing wood homes and commercial buildings. 

Any design or concept for a plan can become a Timber Frame home or commercial structure. Honest Abe’s in-house design team will expertly interpret your ideas into a timber frame plan, or you can bring your own plans or select one of ours. Then we’ll manufacture your custom package. You’ll have the flexibility of combining brick, stone, plaster, drywall, siding and distinctive architectural components to create the finished structure you’ve imagined.

Browse galleries for selected timber frame projects

Langer Home

Dubose Home

Epps/Head Home

Timber Frame Package Contents


Subfloor System

1. Foundation – (By Owner)
2. Treated Sill with Termite Shield & Sill Seal
3. Joist, 2″x10″ @ 16″O/C
4. Double Header
5. Subfloor Girder
6. Subfloor Decking, ¾” Advantech
7. Subfloor Adhesive


Timber Frame Wall System

8. Timber Frame Posts, 8”x8”, Plates, 8”x8”, and Angle Braces, Fasteners, Door/Window R.O Frames
9. Wall Panels – 7/16″ OSB, Insulation, Sheet Rock
10. Cedar Lap Siding, Cedar Board and Batten or Log Siding
11. House Wrap
12. Exterior Finish


Second Floor System

13. Support Posts, 8”x8”
14. Ceiling Beam Girder, 8”x12”
15. Ceiling Beams, 4”x8”
16. Header
17. Tongue & Groove Decking, 2″x6″


Gable End & Dormer System

18. Gable End Timber Frame Posts, Plates and Angle Braces
19. Gable End Wall Panels
20. Shed Dormer Timber Frame Posts, Plates, Angle Braces
21. Shed Dormer Panels
22. Gable Dormer Framing, 2″x4″
23. Gable Dormer Sheathing, 7/16″ OSB
24. House Wrap – Gable Ends and Dormers
25. Exterior Siding – Gable Ends and Dormers

Porch and Deck System

  1. Porch/Deck Piers – (By Owner)
  2. Porch/Deck Framing, 2”x8” treated
  3. Decking – 5/4”, treated
  4. Porch Post/Plate/Angle Braces, 6″x6″
  5. Porch Rafters, 4″x6″
  6. Porch Rafter Decking, 2″x6″ T&G
  7. Porch Rails, 2”x4”, and Spindles, 2”x2”

Window and Door Units

  1. Insulated, Double Hung, Tilt-Sash Wood Windows
  2. Insulated, Wood Grained, Fiberglass Doors
  3. Exterior Cedar Trim, 1”x5”
  4. Interior Pine Trim, 1”x5”
  5. Screens
  6. Fixed Glass Units

Interior System

  1. Partition Framing
  2. Stair Stringers, 2″x12″
  3. Stair Treads, 2″x10″
  4. Interior Doors
  5. Pine Baseboard/Ceiling/Interior Door Trim, 1″x5″

Optional Items

(not included in standard Honest Abe Log Homes Timber Frame package contents)

  1. Tongue & Groove for interior walls, 1″x6″
  2. Clad Windows
  3. Engineered I-Joist or Floor Truss
  4. Heavy-Timber Stair Package

What are your responsibilities during your home build?